• There are no transfers for courses between 2-5 weeks duration.
  • For courses between 6-8 weeks duration, all transfers must be made within the first week of the semester start date.
  • For courses that are 8 weeks or longer, you may transfer within 2 weeks of the semester start date.


Full Courses

  • To receive a full refund less a $40 withdrawal fee, you may withdraw from a course by the 100% refund date stated on the Academic Calendar
  • If you withdraw after this date but before the 50% withdrawal date (also on the Academic Calendar), you will receive a 50% refund less the withdrawal fee.
  • You may not withdraw for a refund after the 50% withdrawal date.

Short Courses

  • For short courses 2-8 weeks, the course fees are not refunded if you withdraw after the course begins (the course start is the same as the term start date unless otherwise stated).
  • To receive a full refund, you must withdraw before the course begins. A $25 withdrawal fee applies if you withdraw before the course start date.
  • After the course start date, you may withdraw from the course but will not receive a refund.