It is universally recognized that when one marries the intention is for a happy and successful marriage. Unfortunately, a successful and happy marriage remains elusive to many.  For some it is possible to work through problems and finally attain to success in their marriages. But for others, the only solution may be to bring an end to the marriage.

Divorce in Islam

Divorce is allowed in Islam. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Of all the lawful acts the most detestable to Allah is divorce.” Divorce is not something to be taken lightly. In most western countries the divorce rate is hovering at 40%–50%, sometimes even higher. And if there are children involved, then one must be especially careful before going down the divorce route.

Even if there aren’t any children, it is wise to be cautious and to seek out help if you are unhappy in your marriage. Of course, if there is any type of physical abuse going on, then you most likely don’t have the option of being cautious in seeking divorce. But for other cases, such as, personality conflicts, in-law problems, lack of piety, etc., the couple should try to see if their marriage can be saved.

Get Practical Help

The first step is to recognize that you and your spouse have a problem; either one or both are unhappy. After it is recognized that there is a problem, both spouses should agree to seek out the help of a marriage counselor to try to resolve their issues. In some cases, one spouse may not be willing to seek out help. However even in such cases a marriage counselor can advise you on how to handle the situation.

If it is finally agreed upon by both spouses that divorce is the best way to go, then as Muslims they should make sure that they are following the proper fiqh rulings with regards to divorce. Islamically the husband has the power of divorce. If a woman finds herself in a situation where the husband is refusing to divorce her, even though she is requesting the divorce, then she must find the proper Islamic authorities to help her. In Muslim countries these matters are usually dealt with in the Islamic courts, but for those Muslims living in the west, they have to find out the proper Islamic channels to go through. There are some women who pre-empt such situations by having the power of divorce written into their marriage contracts.

How Qibla Can Help You

It is so easy at this point for things to become messy. It is important for both husband and wife to have the correct knowledge so that they can divorce according to the fiqh rulings. The Successful Islamic Marriage course, taught by Ustadha Hedaya Hartford, will guide you through the knowledge you will need at this important juncture in your life. Ustadha Hedaya is a noted marriage  and family counselor, and the course will also give you an opportunity to establish a relationship with her and benefit from her advice as it pertains to your situation.

Not just for divorce, The Successful Islamic Marriage can also help those who have decided to work on their marriage. The course is full of information about the entire marriage process from finding a spouse, establishing healthy a healthy relationship, identifying conflicts, resolving problems, to divorce.  The course will give you the correct Islamic information on how to proceed with a divorce, or how to turn around an unhappy marriage and build a healthy relationship with your spouse.