Seekers Degree

The Road to Scholarship

This advanced series of courses deepens and broadens knowledge acquired in the Foundations curriculum. It provides solid, reliable, and comprehensive knowledge.

Seekers is about “seeking knowledge and scholarship.” It is designed for English-speaking students seeking scholarship, i.e. proficiency of the scholarly tradition, taking them on the shortest path to mastery. Seekers is also for students who want to pursue other fields of study but want to learn the most important communally obligatory knowledge for Muslims living in the modern world.

Courses allow you to cover a main classical manual in each Islamic discipline. Specialized courses also provide knowledge extremely relevant to living your life as a Muslim.

The goal of the Seekers Degree is to give you a broad overview of all the central religious disciplines using classical texts and to move you slowly to Arabic reading fluency so that you can study the deen in the language of the scholars. You will be given sufficient understanding of your religion for you to be able to speak coherently about all aspects of your faith.

This program will also equip you to answer challenges that are prevalent in modern times, such as questions regarding the preservation of the Quran and Hadith or concerns regarding the justice and equity of Islamic Law.

Course Requirements

  • Arabic (completion of the Miftah program is required)
  • Supplements To Classical Manuals
    • Introduction to Islamic Finance (ISF101)
    • The Successful Islamic Marriage (FAM130)
    • Living Islam (choose eitherHanafi or Shafi’i) (LAH/S140)
    • The Objectives of Islamic Law (LAW201)
    • The Historical Development Islamic Law & The Sources Islamic Law (LMT101 & LMT102)
    • The Hadith and Its Disciplines (HDT111)
    • The Quran and Its Disciplines (QRN111)
    • Commentary on the Short Chapters (QRN101)
    • The Life of the Greatest Prophet – Mecca Period — Formerly known as The Dawn of Prophethood (HST101)
    • The Life of the Greatest Prophet – Madina Period — Formerly known as The Rise of an Ummah (HST102)

Classical Manuals

  • The Jawhara Explained (BLF201)
  • Ghazali’s Kitab al-Arba’inExplained (SPR201)
  • The 40 Hadith of Imam Nawawi (HDT101)
  • The Bayquniyya Explained (HDT201)
  • The Waraqat Explained  (LMT201)
  • Quduri’s Manual Explained(Hanafi) or The Reliance Explained(Shafi’i) (LAH/S2XX)
    • Part 1: Worship (Ibadat) (LAH/S211)
    • Part 2: Transactions(Mu’amalat) (LAH/S212)
    • Part 3: Personal Law (Ahwal) (LAH/S213)
    • Part 4: Justice (Qada) (LAH/S214)

Upon Completion

After successfully completing the Seekers courses and taking the final assessment and oral interview, you are eligible to apply for the Seekers Degree.

At the personal level, successfully completing the Seekers Degree means that you have acquired a sound religious context within which to navigate the modern world. At the community level, you will be able to effectively provide direction in public speaking, community activism, and explaining Islam to people of other faiths. Most of the knowledge taught in this learning track is communally obligatory for Muslims to acquire.

In addition, if you are interested in going abroad for in-depth religious studies, you will find that these courses give you a solid preparatory grounding in the various religious disciplines, saving you precious time in your later studies.

Specifically, you will be ready for intensive study with scholars in the Muslim world. You will also be ready to pursue academic degrees at universities across the world.