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Saniyyah Shabazz

Learn Arabic, Tajweed, and Quran online with Saniyyah Shabazz.


Ustadha Saniyyah was born and raised in the United States. Ustadha Saniyyah converted to Islam in 1995 before beginning her collegiate studies in printing and graphic design. She began her studies of Arabic and Tajwid in 1997 in the United States in Northern Virginia at the Islamic Institute of Arabic Sciences and in short term Tajwid courses.

These studies led her to travel to Syria seeking more intensive study of Arabic and Islamic sciences. In Syria she completed the two-year intensive Arabic and Islamic sciences course at the Abu Nur Institute, which included traditional Arabic grammar and morphology, fiqh, Nawawi’s 40 hadith explanation, and Seerah.

Ustadha Saniyyah has enjoyed the opportunity to teach both adults and children the recitation of Qur’an and Arabic for nearly a decade in Islamic Institutes such as Suffa Islamic Seminary in Dallas, TX, and the Futuwwa School, Amman, Jordan, as well as in her own home. She aspires to continue to study, learn and teach the Book of Allah and hopes to always remain at the service of the Muslim Ummah. She and her family are currently studying and living in Jordan.


She then continued her studies of traditional Islamic texts privately with qualified female Syrian scholars and covered the following texts:

  • Aqeedah – Fiqh Al Akbar, Risala An Nafi’a
  • Hanafi Fiqh – Muraqi Al Falah, Al Kitab li Al Quduri, Al Hedaya
  • Arabic – Durus An Nahawiyya, Qatar An Nada
  • Tajweed – completed ijaza of hafs ‘an ‘asim
  • Qur’anic narration from the Sheikh of Qur’aa of Shamm, Sheikh Kurayyam Rajih, and ijaza of Qaida Nur reading from Sheikh Ali Hani of Jordan