Qibla/Sunnipath Q&A Service

If you’ve arrived at this page you must have clicked on one of our historical links to the old Sunnipath Q&A service.

Qibla has decided to discontinue this service, and all historical questions and answers have been taken down based on the advice of our teachers, who have the best interest of the students in mind. 

If you’re wondering why the Q&A service was discontinued…

The reason our teachers advised against the online Q&A service is because it lead to people taking their religion online by reading questions and answers only, at the expense of sitting with a scholar and learning their religion from a living example.

Sitting with a scholar gives one a broader understanding of the religion and the spirit with which it should be applied, that reading selected Q&A alone cannot give. Learning from a living example helps one foster one’s religious development in a holistic way, 

So if you have questions, please register in one of our current courses, and benefit from truly deepening your understanding and application of our deen!