Shaykh Hatim began learning Tajweed in Dubai at the age of 12. With the encouragement of his teacher and supportive parents, at age 14 Shaykh Hatim began teaching adults in his neighborhood mosque and continued for the next five years.

 Shaykh Hatim left Dubai to pursue his BA and Masters degree in English Literature in Amman, Jordan.

While in Jordan, he met Shaykh Hussein Abu Laban and attained his first Ijaaza in recitation. He completed his first recitation of the Quran from memory with Shaykh Abdel-Majeed, Imam of As-Salaam Mosque in Sharjah. He then continued with Shaykh Mohammad Esam al-Quda, and completed another recitation of the Quran on the narration of Shu’ba.

 Shaykh Hatim Youssef was teaching Quran and served as the Islamic Studies teacher at the ADAMS Center in Sterling Virginia. He held classes in Tajweed, Tafsir, Seerah, Arabic and Hadith.

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