Gaining Credit:

To gain credit students will need to complete following requirements:

Core Content: Attend 100% of the Live Sessions or listen to their recordings; Listen to all the pre-recorded lessons; Complete all Assignments and Quizzes if any

Core Assessment: 80% passing mark in Final Examination

Unless otherwise approved by the Dean of the Academy, every student must complete 100% of the Core Content. If a student does not complete 100% of the Core Content, his Core Assessment will not count for any grade.

Extension Policy:

In case of serious illness or death in one’s immediate family, students can request an extension for any deadline. The maximum numbers of days for an extension will be 3 days from the due date. However, this extension request must be received before the original deadline and the final decision will rest with the teacher.

Jazakum Allahu Khayran and May Allah give you Tawfiq.