Tajweed Masterclass

A masterclass for tajweed teachers and advanced students only. Work on mastery-level recitation with a Tajweed Master: Sheikh Muhammad Noor Sabreen. Before registration is allowed, students must complete and pass the entrance exam.

Duration: 4 weeks

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Before registration is allowed, new students must complete and pass the entrance exam.


  • A Masterclass for tajweed teachers and advanced students.
  • Recite to and learn from Master Instructor Sheikh Muhammad Noor Sabreen, the teacher of Qibla’s Tajweed Instructors, and possessor of the world’s highest ijaza and sanad.
  • Start reciting the first juz’ of the Quran with Sheikh Muhammad Noor.
  • An opportunity to work on high recitation according to the standards of mastery-level tajweed.
  • Get the best of both worlds: Benefit from the wide exposure of group lessons with other advanced students and the personal attention offered by individual one-on-one sessions.
  • Continue on the life-long journey of mastering tajweed by measuring yourself against suitably high standards.

About the Course

In this course five selected individuals, who are tajweed teachers or advanced students themselves, shall have the opportunity to begin recitation of the first juz’ of the Quran with Sheikh Muhammad Noor Sabreen. The goal of the course is not coverage of the entire first juz’, or receiving ijaza – but to work on your own recitation against the suitably high standards of mastery-level tajweed. The course shall have both group and individual components:

  • Group Lessons: Sheikh Muhammad Noor shall conduct a group live class where the five admitted students shall recite to the sheikh together. The goal of the group lesson is the greater benefit each student shall derive from hearing the advanced level recitation of his peers, and the corrections and instruction given to his classmates. This shall give students exposure to a wider range of advanced instruction than they would have received purely one-on-one.
  • Individual Lessons: Subsequently, throughout the course of the week, students shall meet with the sheikh on an individual basis, where they shall get the opportunity to get more one-on-one instruction and recitation time to further focus on the areas where they need work.

Students may end up progressing through the first juz’ at different paces depending on their own level of expertise. Given the group component of the course, it is important that admitted students be at similarly high levels of proficiency – so there shall be an Entrance Exam to determine the applicant’s level of recitation. Please refer to the ‘Required Background’ section below for further details.

There shall be two sections: one for Men and one for Women, each admitting five qualified students. 

Required Background    

Students are required to submit a recording of their recitation of the first seven verses of Surat Maryam. Please submit your recording above and include your full name and email address.

Submission deadline: Qibla shall accept submissions up until registration for the current term is closed. Accepted students shall be notified of their admission, after which they can register for the course.

Course Syllabus

The course shall begin with the recitation of the first juz’ of the Quran. Students shall progress depending on their individual level of proficiency.

Course Format

The course shall consist of weekly group live classes for 10 weeks, which all students must attend. Students shall book available time-slots with the teacher over the course of the week for individual one-on-one sessions. The course shall have two sections – one for men, and one for women, each running as an independent course with a maximum of five students.

Weekly Time Commitment

Weekly group live classes shall be 1 hour long and one-on-one individual lessons will be 30 minutes long.


Who is Sheikh Muhammad Noor Sabreen?

Sheikh Mohamed Noor Sabreen is the teacher of our Tajweed teachers. In 2003, he received the world's highest Ijaza and Sanad, (chain of transmission), from the late Sheikh Bakri At-Tarabeeshi, who had only 27 men between him and the Prophet, (Allah bless him and give him peace). He obtained his bachelors in Sacred Law from al-Azhar University.

Why should we all aspire to Mastery-level Tajweed?

The Prophet, Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him, said, “One who is well-versed in the Quran will be in the company of angels who are scribes, noble and righteous”. Mawlana Muhammad Zakariya Kandhlawi mentions in his Faza’il i-Quran, Virtues of the Quran, that: “One who is well-versed in the Quran”, means one who is proficient in memorizing it as well as reciting it. To “be in the company of angels” means like the angels who transferred the Quran from the Lawh al Mahfuz, the Preserved Tablet in Heaven – therefore, both (the person and the angels) have the same occupation; or that he will join the company of such angels on the Day of Judgment. This is a tremendous hadith, if we only understood its full import. This life-long goal of mastery is something we should all aspire to.


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