Farid Dingle


Ustadh Farid’s study of Arabic at the hands of traditional scholars, his background in learning multiple languages, and his teaching experience have made him a very knowledgeable teacher of Arabic. Though Arabic is not his native language, he has spent long hours going through the pains of learning the language himself. He also has an interest in languages in general, giving him a unique insight into the mind of an English-speaker and the most effective ways of teaching a second language.

Ustadh Farid grew up in a convert family in the green fields of Herefordshire, England. After some preliminary self studies in Arabic, he moved to Amman to join the Qibla team as a tutor for the Miftah courses in introductory Arabic grammar. Following years of more intensive Arabic study, Ustadh Farid is now a full-time instructor teaching courses in both the Miftah and Sibawayh curriculums. Concurrently, he also regularly attends classes in Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh, Hadith, Tafsir, and Tajweed, Nawh, Sarf and Balagha.

Ustadh Farid lives with his wife and son in Amman, Jordan.