Qibla is like Islamic online university that allows you to study Islam online with some of the foremost scholars in the English-speaking world. Using state-of-the-art technology and curriculum development, Qibla combines traditional learning with modern online educational industry standards, allowing you to connect to traditional Islamic courses online from the comfort of your own home.

Qibla Online Islamic Courses Have These Components

The Blessed Ten

Live Classes & Recorded Lessons

Most courses offer pre-recorded lessons to complement live classes. Classes incorporate slides, text, diagrams, images, and whiteboard usage. In the weekly live classes the instructor clarifies key concepts, tests understanding of the material, and gives studentsthe opportunity to ask questions.

Some courses have live classes only. Students attend the lessons live and follow along with the material. Attending live classes is critical because they provide live interaction with instructors, either via mic or the chat box, with instructors responding directly via voice.

All live classes are recorded and students can access the recordings in case they miss the live class or want to review the lesson.

Continuous Self-Assessment & Interactive Features

Self-assessment allows students to quickly gauge their understanding of the lesson as well as focus on the key aspects that they need to learn.

The type of assessment depends on the topic of the lesson as well as the science being taught. Examples include:

Self-Study Drills (SSD)

Typically composed of 7-10 short answer or multiple-choice questions. Once the student completes the drill the correct answers are shown. This gives students immediate feedback by comparing model answers with their responses.

Case Studies

Some lessons are followed by a case study or examples that are presented to the student, which they must solve using the principles and tools learnt in class. Case-studies simulate real-life scenarios and test the student’s practical understanding.


Students periodically complete end of term or module assignments.These assignments test the student’s knowledge across a group of lessons covered in the course. Depending on the course and science being taught, some courses have more rigorous assignments than others, requiring successful completion to pass the course and proceed to the next level.

 Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are the means through which students maintain a steady “conversation” with everyone else—their fellow classmates and instructors—throughout the course.

Instructors and students introduce themselves and post interesting articles, links, questions etc to make the learning experience highly interactive.